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Yasasin Senem Su

Yaşasın Senem Su

My Story

I was born in İstanbul, Turkey, in 1974.

At undergraduate level, I studied Biological Sciences at Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey. After graduating, I pursued an MSc in Biochemistry at the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences at METU. I completed my MSc and PhD degrees in biochemistry on breast cancer. During that time, I visited the UK on a couple of occasions for purposes relating to my post-graduate studies. I fell in love with London, its nature & culture, after this experience of life in the UK.


In 2001, I was married.  We welcomed a son, Emil, to our family in 2005. My husband and I adored him as every parent does. We tried to provide the best of everything for him like organic and natural food and we kept away from processed food. However, I knew this was not enough.


Having worked on cancer research, I realise the importance of using natural products and natural remedies for our health. We tried our best to provide natural, organic food for him. Besides processed foods, dangerous chemicals, even carcinogens are present in soaps, shampoos and many other common household products. Thus, utilising my extensive knowledge of biochemistry, I wanted to focus on providing natural soap and soap-related products that will help to eradicate these potential health risks from our lives. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach healthy, eco-friendly skincare products, and I wanted to bring my passion for London and natural soaps together.

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