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5 Tips for Staying Healthy During Covid-19 Lockdown

1. Have a schedule

2. Follow through your plans

3. Eat healthy

4. Do one form of exercise everyday

5. Be kind to each other & enjoy your time

Rise & Shine

Enjoy the sunshine more by waking up early.

It is important to start each day with a plan in mind.

Wash your face with your favourite soap.

I bet, you will feel refreshed & energetic.


Doctors believe it is the most important meal of the day.

Make a change & try different things.

Mix diced tomatoes, cucumber with feta cheese & a tablespoon olive oil in a bowl. If you are up for it , add a few drops of lemon juice.

Try some on you toasted bread.

Isn’t it delicious?

Daily House Cleaning

Open the windows, let the fresh air in.

Check every room for a little bit of tidying up.

Dirty clothes to the laundry, clean ones folded & placed in the cupboard, toilet sink cleaned.

Coffee fans, you deserve a break now...


Time to Work

Go ahead with your work plans.

There is nothing to stop you.

Daily Exercise

What is your favorite?

Pilates, yoga, walking, running…

Just keep doing the good workout for you!

I hope you all feel energized


ready for a new day.


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